Wednesday, 31 October 2007

I'm back

I’ve been having issues.

The reason I’ve not blogged for so long is not because I was bored of it or had nothing to say; it was because MTAS made me move to a different part of the country and, believe it or not, it’s taken until now to sort out an internet connection. Surely British Telecom must be the most inefficient, frustrating, incompetent, uncaring organisation in existence. Grrrr….

Anyway, I’m back now and in the couple of months I’ve been offline, I’ve found my feet somewhat as a novice anaesthetic trainee. I’ve spent most of my time working on the Intensive Care Unit and it’s really opened my eyes regarding what the human body can and cannot do.

Our patients are usually right on the brink of dying and they are constantly fighting with whatever little strength they have left to do the simplest of things – like breathing. I have to say that the intensive care unit runs really well and over the past few weeks its been a pleasure and a privilege to work as part of the team that works so hard to try and make our patients better. Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we fail, but every day brings new challenges and I have to say that, three months after changing my career direction, I’m still really enjoying being a novice anaesthetist.