Thursday, 22 February 2007

The calm before the storm

This morning, I woke up at 7am and I know I’m going to regret this. Tonight I’m doing the first of seven night shifts at Town Hospital and past experience has taught me that the only way to get through your first night shift without feeling like death-on-legs is to get as much sleep as possible the day before. So what do I do? I wake up at the crack of dawn and then spend the whole morning worrying about the fact that I’ve not slept enough. I’m such a muppet.

Today, I was planning to do all that “personal admin” stuff that you never seem to get round to doing. You know the boring stuff like, buying a breadbin, ringing up the letting agency, filling out the mountain of forms that I got at the “Town Hospital Induction” a couple of weeks back, but it’s pissing it down with rain outside and quite frankly, I can’t be arsed. I think I might go back to bed after all.

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