Thursday, 8 November 2007

What do anaesthetists actually do?

I'd like to apologise to all you who emailed me when I was offline and I couldn't reply.

I was looking through my inbox and found this little gem that Mousie pointed out to me.

So funny, so true...


Anonymous said...

Hi Junior Doctor,

First off, I've loved reading your blog. You have a great ability to tell stories and to show the "you" inside your day-to-day life in training. Thanks for writing!

I've just started working for a deanery, trying to improve the way they communicate with trainees. You're so articulate in what you write -- I thought you might be able to help me.

Do you have any thoughts/experiences to share? (Or your readers!) Anything that has particularly frustrated you or seemed ridiculous that it wasn't better organised? Any little things the deaneries could do to make your lives easier (particularly now that you're done with applications)?

Thanks in advance! I'll keep an eye on your postings -- best of luck getting settled in your new job.

-Trying to Help

Hannah said...

Thanks for that. It's fab, I'm still grinning.

steph said...

'Tis indeed a little gem!

Thanks for sharing it. It blipped my heart!

and to Mousie, thanks for finding it!

Mousie said...

Thought you'd like that!