Thursday, 10 July 2008

Life-long learning 2

As I’ve said before, doctors should be committed to learning for the rest of our lives and the people we actually learn most from are the patients we look after.

Here are five things that I learned from my patients today:

1. Sea levels have been rising for the last 10000 years and are not rising any faster now than they were thousands of years ago, despite what the media say.

2. The needle didn’t hurt as much as she thought it would.

3. Christiano Ronaldo is a much better player than George Best ever was.

4. I look much younger than I am.

5. Just 2mg of midazolam can make a young man stop breathing completely.


Jo said...

Ouch on number 5! Hope he was ok!

SSS said...

2mg! Hurrah for Anexate!

Pod said...

I learnt never to do an ankle block with your head to near to the patient's foot!

Ms Medic said...

Number 5 must have been unsettling to discover. Hope all was well.