Monday, 8 February 2010

London Calling

I’ve not blogged for a while mainly because things have been changing quite a lot for me in the last couple of months. A couple of years ago (two years, I can’t believe it’s been that long!) I pretty much decided that I didn’t like the particular part of the country that the MMC lottery had placed me in. I didn’t want to spend the remainder of my youth there and I devised a plan to move.

To cut a long and convoluted story short, my plan has now come to fruition. I am now the proud owner of a training number in London and I will now complete the ret of my post-graduate training there. Since Christmas, I’ve spent most of my free time sorting out the practicalities of the move. I’ve been packing, sorting out my paperwork, having multiple conversations with various people at the deaneries

Anyway, after what seemed like an eternity, last week I finally started working in the big smoke and it’s certainly been the case of so far, so good. London hospitals have a reputation for being large, unfriendly and extremely competitive, but the people I’ve met and worked with so far have all been really nice and I feel I’m really going to enjoy working here.

On a more personal note, me and FashionGirl have moved in together and so far, things are going really well.

It’s been a bit of a long haul, but are really slotting into place for me at long last. I’ve got a feeling that I’m really going to enjoy myself over the next few months and years.


Laurentiu said...


I'd like to write you an email and maybe you'll reply to it sometime, can you please send a buzz to my email address so I'll know yours?

Thanks a lot!

A more jr. doctor than you :P

Jo said...

Fantastic! That sounds like brilliant news - all the best for the new life in London :-) And congratulations on the next step with Fashion Girl - I hope that the relationship goes from strength to strength :-)

CML said...

welcome onboard, Dr A.

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オテモヤン said...


Pablo said...

Dear Doctor,
I would like t contact you by e-mail, could you give me an e-mail
Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Big Smoke, Jr.Dr. Glad things are working out for you!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Big Smoke, Jr.Dr. Glad things are working out for you!

savante said...

Really cool blog :) So what specialty are you into?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Junior Doctor

Apologies for leaving a message here - I couldn't find an email address for you.

We are about to publish a book called Sick Notes, by Pulse writer and GP Dr Tony Copperfield, which I thought you might be interested in reading.
I wondered if there was an address where I could send you a copy for possible review on your blog.

If you are interested you can contact me at:

Best wishes

Sam Collins

Internal Optimist said...

Hope you are doing well in the big smog - keep us updated if you manage to find time!

drucey said...

Hello Dr,

Just wanted to leave you a comment; absolutely superb blog. Unfortunately my work day tomorrow will be exceptionally busy, as I have spent literally all day reading this one from start to finish.
Having decided on a life altering career change (in my mid/late 20s) and hopefully studying medicine, this blog has encouraged me further.
I'm sure I speak for all of your readers when I hope that the big city life is treating you well, and we'd love an update if you find the time!

All the best

Anonymous said...

I gotta say that I'm a bit sad that there hasn't been any updates in a long time. This blog was my favourite medical stories blog. I really hope you are doing well with your new job and everything
/2nd year medical student

Harry Smyth said...

Hi Junior Doctor.

I agree with the second year medical student. This is the most enlightening and most interesting blog regarding medicine and I found it fascinating and heart warming.
Please let us know what you have been up to since February!


Lexi said...

Can I agree with the last two comments?

I'm writing a novel and one of the characters is a junior doctor at Barts. Your blog is rather useful, and I'd like more of it...

beachbody coaches said...

Wow, congratulations on the move! It's been my dream to live in London too. I hope I will realise that when I become a nurse. :))

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Sam said...

You haven't updated this blog in a while. Hope all is well.

Samantha said...

thought you would appreciate this young artists (David Foox) work in raising awareness for organ donation. His creepy cute toys stand 3.25" tall and are one of 24 different body parts.

premedstudent said...


just wanted to let you know I think your blog is great. I've had so many laughs from it and have learnt so much.

I really hope you keep it up.!

Thank you.

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The Angry Medic said...

Old boy, do come back. Drop by my place if you ever decide to start blogging again and I'll give you a shout-out.

Ana said...

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Manasa Edward said...
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Manasa Edward said...
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Manasa Edward said...

Blogging regularly is the need of the hour ..

Happy that you have come back to blog again ..

Med Procedures

k said...
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In Rude Health said...

Dear Junior Doctor,

I know you've not blogged for a fewyears now, but I'm giving you a try just in case you pick up comments...

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