Monday, 19 March 2007

The St. Patrick's Day March

As a profession, we doctors tend to have the attitude that says "just get on with it" whenever bad things happen. We don't complain (at least not en masse), we don't strike, we just take the endless shit that's heaped on us. Things are changing.

A group of docs called RemedyUK are getting us to take a stand over MTAS and they organised two marches yesterday - one in London and one in Glasgow.

Beforehand, I don't think I grasped the importance of the occassion but this march turned out to be the biggest protest in the history of our profession. It was great to see so many of us speaking out (some very loudly) and uniting against a system that is shafting so many people. It was good to meet up with old friends too. There were great speeches by RemedyUK, by the West Midland surgeons, but I couldn't believe it when David Cameron took to the stage.

I can't stick the Tories or what they stand for and I was fuming that he basically tried hijack the march and turn it into some sort of Tory-party rally. Grrrrr.....
My mood was not improved when the BBC showed their news review and made the march sound like a pro-Conservative demo. In fact, I've got to stop typing now because my blood is about to boil.

I hate fucking politicians.


I've calmed down now. All in all I have to say that it was great to see so many people taking a stand and this is another step towards forcing the powers that be to sort out this mess they've created. I feel proud.

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