Thursday, 1 March 2007

Steady hands

Try this:
I got 26.113 secs on my fifth go! Maybe I should become a brain surgeon.


Rogers said...

I got 28.74 seconds... and I'm a NURSE. From what I can gather from your blog posts, you're arrogant and demeaning to those you consider your subordinates. Problem is, the only place that these people are subordinate is in your head.

Lastly, you speak of nurses as they are whores with little intellect. In my experience, it is usually the physicians who act as whores due to the fact that they have very little social skills and social LIFE. They've (you have) only interacted with written materials for the majority of their adolescence and young adulthood. So, couple this finding with the superiority complex, and you've got one shallow and empty human being- just the kind of person who should be coordinating the care of the ill and dying... what a travesty.

Sophia said...

I thought that was ok! ha!
And I don't think you're arrogant and demeaning. I myself am a nurse. x