Friday, 4 May 2007

Bank Holiday Weekend

Things to look forward to over the bank holiday weekend:

Drinking in the sun with your friends
Taking the time to visit your family
Long lie ins
Playing sports
Going to see your favourite campsite/beach/theme park/garden centre/grandparent

Things not to look forward to over the bank holiday weekend:

Working four 13-hour shift on consecutive days on Medical Admissions

Oh the fun that awaits!


Spirit of 1976 said...

Man, that sucks. Make yourself some strong coffee.

Mousie said...

That's what a career in healthcare is all about - you get to spend the weekends and bank holidays with all your friends... at work.

The Junior Doctor said...

Spirit of 79, coffee is definitely the way forward.

Mousie, I know what you are saying. Luckily, I'm on with a really nice group of docs and nurses and we've got a sort of Dunkirk Spirit happening and it's helping me get through