Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Everyone has an opinion on the NHS

Bill is a man in his eighties with dementia. Dementia is a condition that means that people forget who theyare, where they are and who people are around them.

Bill's not particularly concerned by this though and he wanders round the ward quite happily in his own little world. He needs supervising though because his dementia means that he gets himself into trouble and if there's nobody watching him, then bad things happen.

Yesterday, one of the staff nurses noticed that the door to the Ward Matron's office was ajar. She pushed it open and found Bill squatting down with his pants round his ankles having a shit in the middle of the floor!

I know shouldn't laugh but I thought it was hilarious. It seems everyone has an opinion on the NHS! Matron, on the other hand, was very angry indeed...

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Spirit of 1976 said...

Was she one of these new-fangled modern matrons?

If so, I concur with his assessment.