Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Updating the BlogRoll

It’s that time of the year when daffodils and croci have started to make an appearance. Spring is just around the corner and I thought it would be a good time to tidy up my BlogRoll.

Out with the old:

There have been a few blogs that I thought were great but their authors, for their own various reasons have decided to stop. So, it’s goodbye to The Lowly Worm the FY1 who burned bright, burned fast but sadly burned out after only a few weeks. Goodbye also to Hospital Phoenix, JD, The Angry Medic and to Michelle Tempest who’s blogs were witty and thought provoking but have all sadly come to end.

In with the new:

I’m going to welcome with open arms Dr Jest’s CaseBlog, Dr Rant and The Little Medic as these are all blogs I’ve found myself reading avidly over the last few weeks. I’m realising more and more that surgeons are a strange bunch, The Surgeon’s Blog is well written, if a little grim at times, and it’s also the first overseas blog on the roll. We blog cartoons is great for a bit of daily light relief and I’ve also adding the GapingVoid cards to the right side of the page because they usually make me smile. I’m really enjoying Todger Talk too, it’s blokes talking frankly about sex without the bull.

Old favourites:

Mr Angry, Mousie, Dr Crippen, Mr Chalk, Cal, Tom, Abby, Surly, David, Salvadore and The Ferret are still all going strong. If you’ve not read their blogs already, then you really are missing out.

And finally:

As a junior doctor, I’m feeling a bit all alone in the big wide blogging world. If any of you know of a good blog about being a junior doctor, please let me know!


Merys said...

I dont know of any juniopr doctors blogs, but I do feel unloved....

Michael Anderson said...

Aw Merys,
There's no need to feel unloved. I was actually going to include you but you wrote that you were taking a break from blogging for a while so I thought I'd wait until you were back. I didn't include Dr Z for the same reason...

the little medic said...

Thanks for the link.

I should really do an updated blogroll.

Mousie said...

I'm honoured. xxx

Sid Schwab said...

Strange bunch? Damned with faint praise. Still, in blogdom, I guess there's no such thing as a bad mention. Yet I wonder, if you're in training to be an aneeesthetist (doing the Brit pronounciation) and it took reading a blog to decide we're strange, you might need to check your hoses.

steph said...

Out with the old?

I never even got a look in! *sigh*

Are you afraid of patients?

Only messing ;-)

I enjoy your blog for it's honesty and for way you show respect for your patients - most of the time ;-)

Faith Walker said...

Like Merys, I too don't know any junior doctors who blog- actually, I do. But he hasn't blogged for some time http://dailyrhino.blogspot.com

I felt so unloved that I'm taking a small break from blogging, although I may be forced to start again soon. When the trolls leave me again.

Helen said...

I am a medical student get me out of here.

Is a final year UK Medic blog its excellent.