Thursday, 19 March 2009


The guys over at The Daily Mash are at it again. Apparantly, Stafford Hospital is still "better than homeopathy" despite the following...

Stafford Hospital pioneered the introduction of a doctor-free health system by filling all its senior surgical and medical positions with bean bags, the semi-literate children of Bulgarian immigrants and enthusiastic local dogs.
One of its main innovations was a drive-in morgue which allowed ambulances to deposit live patients directly into the mortuary, sometimes days earlier than would have been the case had they just been left to die in a corridor in line with NHS targets.

You can read the full story here.


Hospital Lab Tech said...

HAHA!! That's brightened up an otherwise long and dull shift :-)

paul said...

heehee i know this isn't a very recent post of yours but i've been reading from the beginning of your blog for the past ... quite a few hours and i'm loving it! i'm hoping to start cleaning at this hospital in a few weeks (hopefully a future doctor but have no experience at all of hospitals and doctors :S) so wish me luck!