Thursday, 21 May 2009

Caught unaware

Another afternoon on call and I’m at another cardiac arrest call. I’ve intubated the nonagenarian in question and am standing, giving the AMBU-bag an occasional squeeze whilst waiting for the medical reg to decide that this poor chap’s had enough and we should cease CPR.

 The nurse who’s performing chest compressions suddenly turns to me and says, “Are you humming?”

 I realise that I have been. I’ve been humming the same song that’s been going round my head for days.

 Caught unaware, I blush a bit and admit, “I suppose so.”

 “Are you humming for me or to yourself?”

 “Oh, only for me,” I say, “I’ll be quiet now.” The nurse smirks and refocuses on her chest compressions.

 Now it’s the next day and the same, unbelievably catchy song is still going round my head. For your information, I’ve posted it in the video clip below. Beware though, listen more than once and you too may find yourself subconsciously humming it in the most inappropriate of situations…


Anonymous said...

Mmm - does it work better than Nellie the elephant? Maybe the nurse found the speed of the beat difficult to keep up with?

Hospital Lab Tech said...

Agreed, once that's in your head you're stuck with it.

This is really weird, but you were in my dream last night??? Well your name was (your fake name!). You'd been writing odd nonsensical letters about pigeons to my family.

Please don't write to them, they don't really like pigeons.

MeanieGreenie said...

I can't think of many less appropriate situations to be caught humming that tune... lol