Friday, 6 July 2007

A puzzling question

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Why do patients say "Thank you" to me after I take a blood test from them?
It's very nice to hear and all but I'm never quite sure what they're thanking me for. I walk up to them, I tie a band round their arm and then stab them with a metal needle with the intention of making them bleed.

It's not the sort of thing that you'd think a person would be thankful for but the "Thank you" is usually forthcoming afterward. It puzzles me.


Lady Di said...

Because one would hope you had a good vein day and you didn't have to go on a mission to find the vein. I find I try to be nice to all the bloodsuckers since they can cause so much pain and bruising. ;)

Michael said...

Always get the same response myself. Puzzles me no end too.

Jo said...

Because you are usually taking blood without pain, hopefully one that will not leave a bruise, and, more importantly to the patient (and I speak from experience, having had so much blood taken from me over the last few years...), you are helping them be one step closer towards finding out what is wrong with them.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they are just being polite? They could of course say nothing but then one might think they are being rude!?

I do... God, I thanked a policeman the other day for giving me a speeding fine. I did drive off asking myself why though, I must admit, so there is some logic to your post.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

We're too polite I guess!