Monday, 14 January 2008

Heard around the hospital...

Unsurprisingly, after the application process for 2008 began last week, MMC was the talk of the hospital today.


One of the ENT surgical registrars ponders MMC:

“The thing is; I just don’t understand the point of it all. I mean, let’s face it, doctors are generally nice people. We’re a clever bunch and we all work hard. We study hard to pass all our exams so we know the right things to do for our patients. We all work countless extra hours for free because we care for the people we look after. I don’t get why they [the employers] don’t just treat us like decent human beings. Why do they keep making us reapply for the jobs we’re already doing? Why are they making us move to different parts of the country every 12 months? Why do people have to leave the country to train? At the end of the day, we want to be trained so we can better look after our patients, so why are they making that so difficult for us to do? I don’t understand.”

A text message from a friend doing paediatrics:

"I'm having a mare! I can only apply to 2 deaneries and I'm getting stressed. Send me a joke to cheer me up..."

A fellow anaesthetics doctor:

"I spent the entire weekend doing those bloody forms. They just take forever, they end up just sucking all the hours of the day away - and my spirit with it!"

SHO in Trauma & Orthopaedics

"You are so lucky that you don't have to do this, you know"

Yes, I do know, and I really appreciate how fortunte I am.


Sam said...

I am happy you found peace with yourself at the end :-) I sincerely wish all your friends the same. I will link to your post because we need to make others aware of this terrible situation so please keep their comments coming.

All the best

PS, Newcity will get prettier and better the more you get used to it.

The Shrink said...

It's thoroughly ghastly and, as mentioned, why's all this hassle being generated when there's no benefit to discern for junior doctors, patients or trainers.

Much badness.