Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The Tooke Report

If I were a Victorian war novelist, this is how I would end one of my books…

The dust has settled, the bodies have been counted and the smell of cordite no longer assails the senses. The old general regards the battlefield and sheds a tear as he thinks of how much was lost fighting another man’s cause. One thought revolves around and around his battle-wearied mind like a moth slowly circling an oil-lamp:

“What was the point? For what did we sacrifice so much and achieve so little?”

The Tooke Report (the independent inquiry into the MMC fiasco) came out today and here’s what it said…

"The structure of postgraduate training proposed by MMC is unlikely to encourage or reward striving for excellence, offer appropriate flexibility to trainees, facilitate future workforce design,
or meet the needs of particular groups (e.g. those with academic aspirations, or those pursuing a non-consultant career grade experience). It risks creating another ‘lost tribe’ at FTSTA level."

It just begs the question… What was the point of MMC? For what did we sacrifice so much and achieve so little?

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Aphra Behn said...

It's a good analogy you've got there, and taking it further, I'd say that you were the donkeys so that the architects of MMC could feel like lions. No. That doesn't work does it? Oh well. I get your drift.

In terms of making it worth it, you are doing your bit by articulating the problems out here in the blogosphere.

Keep the faith.