Sunday, 3 June 2007

The importance of being idle

Wow, it’s amazing how good I feel after having a break and getting away from it all. I think I didn’t realise just how much I was wound up until I had the chance to just… stop… and do… nothing. It feels great.
There have been times in the last few months when I’ve felt like I’m spending my whole life in the hospital. In the time when I wasn’t at work, I was buzzing around like a bee trying to organise seeing and speaking to friends. This last week has really given me chance to pause and I’ve really enjoyed having time to chill.
I found that I’ve been revelling in doing the little things. Here are some of the things I’ve really enjoyed doing in my week off:

Sitting down and having a cup of tea whilst reading a newspaper
Talking to my friends for hours on the telephone
Making the effort to go and visit my parents for dinner
Dusting off my bicycle and going for a bike ride in the coutryside
Sharing a pint with a good friend in the afternoon
Dancing like a fool in a club
Meeting my brother’s new girlfriend and having a polite conversation
Reading a book

I’m enjoying myself and I have a feeling that this summer is going to be fantastic. Heads up though because work begins again tomorrow.

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Ally said...

As a good friend once told me: "Study, Work, Party, Forget. Repeat".