Sunday, 10 June 2007

Working harder

This last week has been manic. Our team has been so busy. We’ve had several really sick patients to look after and we’ve also had several patients who aren’t that sick but needed lots of stuff sorting out for them. Two doctors are away on annual leave, so we’ve been working with skeleton staff. It’s been really tough. Tough in terms of the mental stress of trying to treat our very poorly patients whilst at the same time being vigilant about the rest of the ward and making sure everybody has a plan and that said plan is working. It’s actually been really physically tiring. Every day this week, the other SHO and I have been turning up to work early and leaving late.

On Friday, our consultant took us to one side and told us

“You guys have done really well this week. It’s been really difficult and I can see you’ve been working very hard. All in all, most things have got sorted out and I’m really pleased. Well done guys.”

It’s really nice when the bosses say stuff like this. It’s really nice to be appreciated and when you do a job well, it’s nice to be told so.

Let’s hope next week is more sedate.

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