Thursday, 14 June 2007

A small diamond in the dirt

I have a brief reprive. The people who are running the MMC have said that junior doctors like myself who have jobs at the moment will be able to continue working in our current positions "while we progress through round 2."

Reading between the lines, this means that I won't be forced to sign on in six weeks' time, but witll have probably until the middle to end of October to try and get a job. Obviously, I'm really relieved by this because it means that I can continue working and treating patients for a while longer and have a bit longer to try and save up some money to tide me over if I don't get job this year. It's one thing less to worry about.

This is the only piece of good news that I've had from the MMC people.


Aphra Behn said...

Good luck. Really.

Anonymous said...

Seriously - and keep applying for anything and everything out of BMJ careers.

In the straw poll of 'people I know' nearly everyone who hasn't got a job is going overseas. I don't know that many who are hanging around for the results of Round 2.

ST2 and ST3 are bound to be de-coupled and there is hope out there.

And I'm on a guilt trip cos I have a job and you haven't. ANd you're better at Central lines than I am.

Z FtM Doc

The Junior Doctor said...

Aphra behn and FtM Doc,
Thank you very much for your words of support.

I've started doing my round 2 applications already. I thought long and hard about training abroad, but I'm going to try not to mainly because I've already worked abroad for over a year (I think this counted against me at interview to be honest) and don't really want to go away again so soon after I've gotten back.

I'm going to tough it out and try my best. We'll see what happens

Bryn said...

You know it is really good to hear of someone wwho has not got a job in round one and is talking about it.

I also did not get a job, so am in the same boat. Really best of luck!!

I am not sure if we should continue though come the beginning of august. By continuing we can just plug the gaps left by this process rather than show the problems like it really is. Plus it also means trusts will need a lot less locums.