Saturday, 18 August 2007

12 days of anaesthetics (Thursday)

Today is my twelfth day as an anaesthetic trainee, and I'm going to have a look back at what I've done so far...

On the twelfth day of anaesthesia, my duties gave to me:

12 Cannulations
11 L.M. Airways
10 Worried Parents
9 Intubations
8 Angry Surgeons
7 Patient Transfers
6 Gas Inductions
5 Vomitings
4 Bag & Masks
3 Spinal Blocks
2 Chest Drains

and a pair of medium scrubs…


Cal said...

This post made me laugh!

Only 8 angry surgeons?!


And I can never ever seem to find a pair of small or even medium scrubs. Always have to trail aroundn with the XL or XXL or XXXXXXXL hanging off me, looking like a total moron.

Anonymous said...