Saturday, 18 August 2007

MTAS refugees (Friday)

We who have had to up sticks and move hundreds of miles to our new jobs because of the government's fuckups are calling ourselves "The MTAS refugees."

In our department, about 60-70% of the new starters have been forced to move away from where they were previously against their will because of MTAS. From speaking to people in other specialties, it's clear that the majority of the junior doctors who had to negotiate MTAS and were successful have had to move significant distances to find work. I don't think the government could have actually been more disruptive if it actually planned to be

You already know my story, but next week, I'll post about some of the other MTAS refugees.

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steph said...

Hi Mike
Just found your blog today - congrats! It's beautifully written, with a bit of something for everyone! Your enthusiasm for life shines through so clearly. Thanks for sharing your views with us so candidly and honestly - it's fantastic stuff! I wonder why I'm not in the least bit surprised to hear you love your job - I just hope the NHS don't screw it up for you. Keep on trucking! Regards, Steph

ps I trained as a Physio many moons ago (moving from Yugoslavia to Russia shortly!)but never got to work as one (sadly) so, it's no wonder you pushed all the right buttons!