Saturday, 25 August 2007

We'll pick you up if you fall... always

Kevin is a man who had been involved in a high speed crash on the motorway and had arrived in New Town hospital fighting for his life. He’d broken both his arms, his jaw, his ankle and his breast bone. He’d had three large tubes inserted into his chest (one placed by yours truly) to drain away the blood that was collecting round his lungs, he had been unconscious on a ventilator for nearly a week and needed four separate operations on various bits of his body.

Kevin had come to us a broken man but, little by little, we’ve slowly put him back together again and Kevin is continuing to improve. It’s a heart-warming story of strength through adversity.

Whilst I was looking at the chart of the patient opposite, I heard Kevin talking to one of the student nurses. He said.

“The best health service in the world this is, the NHS. The way you people have treated me… I couldn’t ask for anything more. Even if I’d paid money, I wouldn’t have been treated like this. Thank you.”

Stuff like that makes you feel warm and fuzzy and really appreciated. Now, if only Kevin was a journalist…

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