Friday, 8 August 2008

The Olympics

The Olympics have finally arrived! I love the Olympics and am going to be seriously excited as I cheer on Britain's finest as they pit themselves against the best of the world.

They say we're aiming for 35 medals but I reckon we can get 40.

Come on Team GB!


Jobbing Doctor said...

Oh Michael, Michael, Michael! The first Olympics I can remember is Tokyo in 1964 (Mary Rand, Anne Packer, Lynn Davies).

I have had the absurd belief since that we can do it. I cannot see many golds in Athletics - Phillips Odowu possibly, Christine Ohuruogu maybe and watch out for my dark horse - Lisa Dobriskey.

Cycling and Sailing we will do well in, but the whole experience will be peppered with what my daughter (who, like you, is a real olympian) calls PBLs - Plucky British Losers.

Dr Michael Anderson said...

Jobbing Doc no doubt there will be a few PBLs as you call them **ahem... Jo Pavey **ahem but I really think that this will be our most successful games ever.

Like you say, we'll do well in cycling and sailing - but don't forget the rowers, equestrian events and the boxers too.

As for the athletics, Philips Idowu is a firm facourite and I'd love to see get a world record too, and Christine looks in good shape but Kelly Sotherton will be out to answer her critics, but the person I want to see win most has to be Paula Radcliffe.

I've just highlights of the opening ceremony on the iPlayer and the next few weeks are going to be fantastic

Anonymous said...

Sadly, these games will be overshadowed with the political state of china. It's terrible record on Human Rights, the whole Tibet protests etc.

Anonymous said...

SO, will you be shutting up the shop until the 'limpiks is over?

Jo said...

Two golds and a bronze by Monday morning - not doing too badly! :-)
Did watch the British ladies hockey team get thrashed by Germany (5-1) yesterday, which was a bit disappointing, though...