Monday, 2 February 2009

I've got an idea

Last night, I spent two and a half hours in A&E resus trying to revive people who have got themselves unconscious on drink and/or drugs and whenever I’m in such situations, it strikes me how little these people care about the impact of their actions. They rarely show any remorse for what they’ve done and seem to have little insight of all the problems that they are causing. The last “gentleman” I was dealing with thanked me for bringing him out of his drug-fuelled coma by spitting at me and calling me “fucking wanker.” Sometimes I really wonder why we bother, I really do.

But I’ve had an idea.

I reckon that every person, male or female, who comes into A&E unconscious because of drink or drugs should have the hair one side of their head cut off and a big letter D (for Dickhead) shaved into it.

When word gets around town that the punishment for turning up to A&E in a self-inflicted drink/drug-fuelled coma is that you’re going to look like a twat for a few weeks, maybe we’ll start to see less of this coming through the door on a weekend.


Jutt said...

I normally put in a 14G abbacath for rapid fluid resuscitation and if I can be bothered an ABG.

All for their own good of course

roooroo said...

No doubt it would catch on as a badge of honour in some parts ;)

I'd happily have those people back in A&E shadowing staff or paramedics at the weekend and seeing what they have to deal with.

Dr Michael Anderson said...

Jutt - GCS 3 inititally, 16G venflon plus ABG and this guy didn't even flinch. I was considereing intubating him for the CT but then I did "the Anderson maneouvre" on him and he woke up pretty smartish and started swearing.

rooroo - you're probably right, I'll have to think this over...

Exdoc said...

What is the Anderson maneouvre? It sounds interesting.

Harry said...

as a veteran of several hairstyles, i would counter your argument with "i'll just shave the damn thing off".

might work better for women though!

maybe there should be an offences register (or just some semi-permanent tattooing, something that would last for say 5 years and then fade) - after 3 strikes you could just DNR? that's a pretty draconian measure but your clientele base would shrink rapidly im sure (one way or the other!)

and yes, i second exdoc, do explain your technique - does it involve a size 9 and a certain passageway?

Anonymous said...

try femoral stabs.........?